Tuition & Fees

Class Tuition

Class Schedule – Subject to Change at Anytime

Tuesday 10am Preschool Class
Tuesday 11am Toddler Open Gym
Tuesday 3:20pm Girls Team
Tuesday 3:20pm  Level 2 Class – Girls
Tuesday 4:10pm Level 1 Class – Girls
Tuesday 5:10pm Level 1 Class – Girls

Wednesday 10am Preschool Class
Wednesday 3:20pm Girls Team
Wednesday 5:20pm Level 2 Class – Girls

Thursday 3:20pm Girls Team
Thursday 4:10pm Level 1 Class – Girls
Thursday 5:10pm Level 1 Class – Girls
Thursday 5:20pm Ninja Class – Boys

Friday 3:20pm Girls Team

Saturday 10am Preschool Class/Parent and Me
Saturday 11am Level 1 Class – Girls
Saturday 11am Preschool Class – Girls and Boys

Open Gym is an hour time period where children between the ages of 12 months to 5 years old come and enjoy parent and tot play time.  This time is designed to assist parents in helping their children develop movement and sensory motor experiences.
Preschool class is an hour long, with activities that will enhance your child’s physical abilities and coordination.  Each class will include a few of the following: warm-up, floor circuit, bars, beam, vault, tumble track, and a cool-down. Ages 3-5yrs
Level 1 class is an hour class with time spent on the Olympic events of Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor, girls only.Level 2 class is offered by invitation only, girls only.

Ninja Class – A combination of floor, vault, bars, and trampoline, along with learning how to jump, fall and roll safely, boys only.

Open Gym – $3.00 per child

$37.00 per month for All classes except Level 2 on Tuesdays. Level 2 on Tuesdays is $40.00 per month

Party Fees & Info
Parties consist of a 2 hour time slot.  Your party starts and ends at the time slot you rented the gym for.  Please know, many weekends are booked with parties back to back.  You will not be allowed to set up your party until your time slot has begun.

2-Hour Party – $140.00

You may bring:
Snacks, cake, ice cream, drinks, pizza, are all fine.  However, if you plan to bring something that needs to be kept cool, please bring a cooler for those items.  Toys and games that are in-door appropriate.  If you would like to bring a pinata, please inform the SAGA staff before the party begins.

We will provide:

One 6 foot table, trash bags, chairs for guests, and a parachute for the kids to sit on while they eat.