Session 2 Registration

Session 2 Dates are March 7 – April 15

UPDATED INFO FOR REGISTRATION – As of Thursday February 9th, we will only have Tuesday and Wednesday 10am preschool classes available for registration for NEW STUDENTS. ALL of our other classes have registered FULL with CURRENT students. We are sorry we do not have room for new students over the age of 5 for Session 2. However, we do have a new coach starting soon, so we hope to be able to open some new spots in Session 3.

Classes with availability will be open at 8am Saturday February 11, 2017. Nothing will be available to book before 8AM.

In order to register for class you will need to become a member with Bookeo. To do this click on the right hand-side of the page where it says BOOKEO LOG IN AND REGISTRATION. Make and account and pay the $10 yearly registration fee. When you are done with that you can click on the BOOK NOW box under Class Availability, which is at the right hand-side of the page just under BOOKEO LOG IN AND REGISTRATION.

Click BOOK next to the class you would like to register for. Then enter your email and password to log in. Enter your child’s birth date. Click Next. Enter your Child’s name. Click Next. Click Check Out and then Agree to the Terms and Conditions and Confirm Request.

If you already have any account you can log into your Bookeo account and Click NEW BOOKING and choose a class from this screen.

Once you have requested your spot in a class, we will look over the information and make sure you have registered for the appropriate class and then confirm your reservation if there are no issues. Once your reservation has been confirmed you can pay online through Bookeo or you can pay at the gym before classes have started. You must pay for you class by February 25 at 12pm or your spot will be given up for someone else to register for the class.

If you have any questions please call 919-961-9951, Alexis will be happy to help you with any issues or questions you have. Thanks!