2022 Classes Have Started & Covid-19 Policy Information

We have started classes after a little longer break than planned over the holidays. As of 1/24/22 all classes are full at this time. You are welcome to place your child on the waitlist, just know that we will not be adding any new classes or add new students to any of our classes until our community cases have significantly reduced and the spread of Covid has come down. We are doing our best to stay open, keep our staff and gymnasts safe, healthy and having fun.

Our current Covid-19 Policy is attached below.

In addition to this policy our exposure policy is: If someone in your home tests POSITIVE for COVID-19, everyone should get tested that lives in your home.  If your gymnast tests NEGATIVE at that time, wait 7 days and re-test on the 7th day.  If they are still negative and feeling fine they are welcome to come back to class.  If they test POSITIVE they need to wait 10 days before returning to class. Because we are not able to mask at all times, due to certain skills that are not safe to do with masks on we are not following the 5 day rule the CDC put out and are keeping the 10 day rule as masks cannot be worn 100% of the time.  This applies to everyone, vaccinated or not.  Also, if you have been traveling outside of Juneau, please test and wait 5 days before returning to class.  The travel rule has been in place since June of 2020.  

We understand these policies do not work for all families and households. If things have changed for your family and you can no longer follow these policies that are in place, please let us know via an email or phone call and we will drop your child from class and hope to see you back in the future.