Covid-19 Policy Update, Effective April 11, 2022

Dear Southeast Alaska Gymnastics families, 

As you know, the city has moved to Level 1 Minimal and the mask mandate has been lifted to optional masking in all areas but public transportation. As a private business we can decide how to move safely forward with these new CDC guidelines.  We are reaching out today to discuss what that means for SAGA.  

In alignment with recent updates masks will be optional, but recommended at SAGA beginning April 11th.  This date is in line with Juneau Public Schools and allows time for families to have conversations with their children on what the best option is for their family. Until April 10, current masking protocols will remain in place. Masks will continue to be required for all students, staff, and parents entering the facility through April 10.  

We know there are strong feelings at both ends of the spectrum on this topic, and that there is not a solution that will satisfy every person. But we are committed to keeping SAGA a safe, comfortable place for all our kids and families, while following the CDC and local guidance.   

Please take the time to read through the key changes at SAGA, beginning April 11, including current protocols that will remain in place or change slightly:

  • While encouraged, masks will be optional for gymnasts and staff. That said, everyone at SAGA is expected to treat others with respect and kindness at all times, and this extends to mask choice. We will not tolerate bullying of any kind in regards to another person’s choice to or not to mask.  
  • Exceptions to mask requirements: Any person that has been exposed to COVID-19, but is negative and not exhibiting any symptoms, will be required to wear a well-fitted mask for 10 days. If an exposure happens in the gym, everyone in the exposed group will also be required to wear well-fitting masks for 10 days following the exposure.  
  • Please note masking is optional because Juneau has been categorized as a “MEDIUM community level” and “Level 1 Minimal” area based on the metrics used by the CDC and CBJ. If data changes for the worse, masks may again become required. You can read more about current county figures and risk level on the on the CDC COVID-19 by County and
  • Proof of vaccination / negative test no longer required as of April 10, 2022 due to the high level of vaccination status in Juneau.
  • Hand sanitizer will continue to be conveniently located throughout our facility
  • Sick or symptomatic individuals (staff and gymnasts) are required to stay home until symptoms resolve and/or a negative test is received.  
  • No active cough
  • No fever in the last 72 hours
  • We will continue to actively maintain distance between gymnasts, as much as possible.
  • Our staff is, and will continue to be, fully vaccinated.
  • We are still required to conduct contact tracing within our facility. Please continue to inform us if your child is positive or has had a close exposure. Any positive gymnast needs to remain at home for a minimum of ten and can return on day 11 with no symptoms.

Following these changes and the lightening of requirements, we know there will also be questions about parent viewing inside the facility. At the moment, we will still require masking for anyone who is coming in to drop off a gymnast or is staying to watch class. We DO NOT have a large viewing area where parents can sit and spread out unmasked.  Furthermore, keeping our facility safely open for in-person programming is our top priority and an outbreak, which could cause our facility to close, becomes more likely with increased non-masking capacity.

Thank you for your attention to our updated policies. We are looking forward to a safe progression into the future.