Fall 2022 Schedule

Our fall gymnastics schedule has been set and we are happy to announce that we will open registration up to new students on Wednesday July 20th at 12pm. If you have any questions please email us at juneaugymnastics@gmail.com. The schedule below does not include or pre-team and competitive team days and times.


3pm – Girls Beginner/Intermediate Class 6-8 yrs

3pm – Girls Kinder – 1st grade Class 5-7yrs

4:10pm – Girls Intermediate Class 6-8 yrs

5:15pm – Girls Intermediate/Adv. Class 6-9yrs

5:15pm Boys Ninja Class 5 – 8 yrs


10am Preschool Class


3pm Girls beginner Class 7-10yrs

3pm Girls Intermediate  Class 7-10yrs

4:10pm Kinder – 2nd Grade Girls Class

5:15pm Girls Intermediate/Adv Class 9 – 12yrs

5:15pm Girls Beginner Class 9 – 12 yrs


10am Boys Ninja Class 4-6 yrs

10am Girls Preschool class 4-6 yrs

11:10am Girls Beginner Class 6-9 yrs

11:10am Boys Ninja Class 7-11 yrs