Fall Classes Finish December 18th

Fall classes started several weeks late due to the amount of community spread with COVID-19. We started classes back up with very reduced classes and will finish the year with small classes. We are looking towards a hopeful future of more classes and a being able to accommodate a few more students in our classes.

Fall Classes are on Hold

Our fall classes were supposed to start on August 23rd, but due to COVID numbers we have decided to wait until numbers come back down so we can safely be in the gym. Thanks for your understanding.

Fall Classes Start August 23rd

All classes are full at this time starting August 23rd. Our waitlist is closed until September 1st. Our classes will continue to be small due to COVID-19 and we will continue to keep the safety of our gymnasts and staff our first priority.

Fall 2021 Schedule

All classes are full with current students at this time. Our wait list is closed at this time as we work through our current list. We will post here and on our Facebook page when we open our wait list or have openings available in any of our classes. Thank you so much for your interest, we can’t wait to start fall classes.

Monday 5pm Intermediate Girls Class

Tuesday 2pm Homeschool Girls Class, 3:15 FCCS Girls Class, 5pm Boys Ninja Class

Wednesday 10am Preschool Class

Thursday 2:50pm Beginner Girls Class, 4pm Advanced Girls Class, 5:10pm Intermediate Girls Class

Friday 3pm Intermediate Girls Class

Saturday 10am Preschool Class, 11:10am Girls Beginner Class, 12:30pm Boys Ninja Class

Monday – Friday Girls Competitive Team, varying times

Fall Schedule Coming Soon…

All of our class waitlists have been closed at this time. Our fall 2021 class day and times will be posted this weekend and we will start filling classes from the current waitlist. The waitlist will not reopen until we have run through the current list. Thanks for your interest and we hope to see your child as soon as we can in the gym. If you have any questions please email or call and we are happy to help. juneaugymnastics@gmail.com or 919-961-9951

Registration Open for Summer Classes

Please click on the registration portal link to the right, create an account and sign up for class or put your child on the waitlist.