Session 2 ** Feb. 19th – March 30th

Registration is open for ALL CURRENTLY enrolled students today Monday Feb. 4th to Feb 7th.

Session 2 is February 19th – March 30th with our SPRING BREAK being March 31st to April 15th.

NEW STUDENT registration will be on SUNDAY FEB. 10th at 7pm. This is a CHANGE to the normal day and time because we have a gymnastics meet out of town and we won’t be able to open registration on time. Thanks for your understanding and spreading the info to any friends that might be trying to enroll for the next session

Happy Monday, please don’t hesitate to email any questions you have. or 919-961-9951 if you want to speak with Alexis

Session 1 – 2019

We are enrolling CURRENT students until tonight at 6pm. New student registration will open Saturday December 15th at 8am.

Friday December 14th, classes with openings will be posted so you can see what classes will be available for registration on Saturday December 15th.

Classes with openings:
Tuesday 5pm (Kinder to 2nd Grade)

Thursday 4pm (2nd grade and Up)
Thursday 5pm (2nd grade and up)

Wednesday 10am (Preschool 3-5yrs)
Saturday 10am (Parent and Me/Preschool 18 months – 5yrs)

Please email if you have any questions –


2019 Calendar

It’s finally done and ready to be printed. But here it is on the web for you all do start planning next year. Thanks for your patience.

2019 Session Dates
Our sessions consist of 6 classes over a 6-week period of time. The session dates will be as follows:

Class Schedule for January 8, 2019 – December 21, 2019

Session 1 – January 8 – Feb 16
Current Student registration December 10- 13th, 2018 Public registration December 15, 2016

Session 2 – Feb 19 – March 30
Current Student registration February 4 -7, 2019 Public registration February 9, 2019

Gym Closed April 1 – April 14

Session 3 – April 16 – May 25

Session 4 – May 28 – July 6
*** Thursday July 4th classes will be held Monday July 1St

Gym Closed July 7 – July 14

Session 5 – July 16 – August 24

Session 6 – August 27 – October 5

Gym Closed October 6 – October 13

Session 7 – October 15 – November 30
***No classes Nov. 19-23 Thanksgiving

Session 8 – December 3- December 21

Gym Closed – December 23 – 31

Tuition for Classes
All 6-week sessions — $55.00 for 1-hour class
Session 8 is 3 weeks — $25.00 for 1-hour class

In order to reserve a spot in ANY of the classes, you will need to register online at and create an account.

End of the Year Registration

Session 7 will be from November 6th – December 22 with the week of Thanksgiving off.

The only classes that will have room for new students for Session 7 will be Wednesday 10am Preschool (3-5yr old) and Saturday 10am Parent and Me/Preschool class (18 months – 5yrs).

Session 7 Registration has opened for CURRENT STUDENTS (must be enrolled in a class right now) only. This will be open for current students until Thursday October 18th at 6pm. On Friday October 19th we will post what classes will have availability for NEW STUDENTS. Registration will post on Saturday October 20th at 8:00am. Please refresh your page at 8:00am and the classes will come available. They will show 0 available until 8:00am.

Please do not register as a new student before October 20th, 2018. This creates more work for our staff. Thanks for your understanding.

If you have any questions please call 919-961-9951, Alexis will be happy to help you with any issues or questions you have. Thanks!

Session 6 Registration Information

We will have 1 or more spots available in the following classes for Session 6, August 28 – October 27th. Please email us at or call Alexis at 919-961-9951 if you have any questions. Registration will show 0 until 8am August 18th. Please refresh your screen at 8am on August 18th and then you can register for class. Thank you!!

10am Tuesday Preschool (Age 3-5yrs)
4pm Tuesday Gold Class (Age 5-8yrs) Beginner Class

10am Wednesday Preschool Class (Age 3-5yrs)
5:30pm Boys Class

4pm Thursday Gold Class (2nd Grade and Up)

10am Saturday Parent and Me/Preschool Class (18 months – 5yrs)


Both Silver Classes
5pm Tuesday Gold Class (Age 5-8yrs) Beginner Class
5pm Thursday Gold Class (2nd Grade and Up)

Session Dates and Registration Change

2018 Session Dates

Change as of August 6, 2018

Please note that registration dates and session lengths have changed.


8 Week Session with no classes 10/1 – 10/6  
Session 6 – August 28 – October 27
Current Student registration Aug 13 – Aug 16, 2018
NEW Student registration August 18, 2018

Gym Closed – Fall Break October 28 – November 4

6 Week Session with No Classes 11/19 – 11/24
Session 7 – November 6 – December 22
Current Student registration Oct. 15 – Oct. 18, 2018
NEW Student registration October 20, 2018

Gym Closed – December 23 – 31, 2018

Specialty Classes October 1 – October 5
Roof work is being done this week. Specialty classes will be offered in the evening this week.
Registration will be mid September for these classes. These classes will be open to everyone.

Tuition for Classes
6-week sessions — $55.00 for 1 hour class
8-week sessions $75.00 for 1 hour class

In order to reserve a spot in ANY of the classes, you will need to register online at and create an account with The dates for enrollment are posted above. New student enrollment will be at 8am on the designated date for each enrollment.